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Learning Priority #1 for 2024?

Leader and Manager Development

That's according to Gartner. And Mind Tools agrees.
We have thousands of tools and resources to upskill your managers.
Mind Tools has been empowering managers and leaders for over 25 years. Now, 24 million learners across 160 countries benefit from our learning resources focused on management, leadership and personal effectiveness.

Empower and upskill your team quickly, complement leadership programs, and embed learning into the flow of work.
Teams flourish with Mind Tools' learning resources.

Solutions designed for your organization

Content Library
On-demand leadership and management tools and resources that enable your people to benefit from self-directed and guided learning paths in the flow of work.
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AI Conversations
Allows managers to practice difficult conversations using generative AI to build their management and leadership skills.
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Award-winning custom learning and development programs that put your people first and meet your specific business goals.
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Case studies

Travel & Leisure

Helping every employee get better – from new starts to senior execs.


A series of arcade game-style digital episodes helped embed diversity, equity and inclusion at Burberry.
Public Sector


Explore how Mind Tools helped the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) - the UK's largest animal welfare charity - to engage their learners.

Virgin Money

Providing personalized L&D at every stage of a career journey.
Travel & Leisure

Virgin Trains

Turning new employees into brand advocates in 5 days.
L&D Annual Benchmark Report & Webinar
Megatrends Reshaping the Future

Download the third and final instalment of our 2023 Annual L&D Benchmark Report to explore the modern L&D role and how it can support business transformation in the context of three megatrends: digitalization, climate change and demographic shifts.

“[Mind Tools] has helped us move from a training culture to a proactive learning culture. Our staff get the learning they need from a five-minute video or article accessed on their phone, rather than traveling to a full-day training course.”

“At AstraZeneca, we believe that growth comes from innovation. This requires us to 'un-learn' some things, and learn new things. Mind Tools is a great opportunity to help us give people the access to bite-sized information.”